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Perth Property Market Review

By Michael Papadopoff | October 30, 2017

In October 2016, we ran an article looking at a snapshot of the Perth Property Market, commenting on aspects of the market snapshot. Given many of our customers have an interest in the Perth residential real estate market, we thought it would be interesting to do a comparison exactly one…

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Latest Financial Tips and Advice

By Michael Papadopoff | June 12, 2017

Top Tip for Successful Property Purchase Having been in business since 2004 we have seen plenty of property and interest rate cycles over the years. At the moment the Perth property market, in many areas, is soft it’s fair to say. In relation to interest rates, these are still very…

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Is Fixing my Home Loan Important?

By Michael Papadopoff | February 21, 2017

Should I fix my home loan? 6 easy questions to help you answer this! Recent changes to both fixed and variable interest rate loans have resulted in a significant amount of client inquiries about fixing loan interest rates. Many have concerns about the ramifications of a potential increase in interest…

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Off the Plan Apartment Purchase

By Michael Papadopoff | October 4, 2016

Getting a Loan for ‘Off the Plan’ Apartment Purchases We are seeing many new apartments under construction in and around Perth, and in other capital cities around Australia. Sales of these are usually ‘off the plan’. When you buy an apartment ‘off the plan’, you are contracting to purchase a…

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What has the Federal Election Changed?

By Michael Papadopoff | July 24, 2016

The Federal Election is Over … So What Has Changed? Well, after all the promises, upsets and endless media coverage, the Liberal government has been returned for another term. What we noticed while the election was happening was that many personal and business decisions were stalled. Given the uncertainty, nobody…

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Cash is King in Opportunity or Adversity

By Michael Papadopoff | July 17, 2016

Cash is King in Opportunity or Adversity The phrase in business “Cash is King” often refers to the importance of cash flow or the cash reserves of a business. So why is this important for your business? Well, the answer will either lie in opportunity or adversity! Let’s start with…

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Interest Rate Cut, Federal Budget Changes

By Michael Papadopoff | May 1, 2016

Well, it’s been a big couple of weeks in finance with the Federal and State Budget’s being handed down, as well as a surprise interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). So what does this mean for borrowers, or those wanting to borrow? RBA Interest Rate Cut…

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Australian’s Discussing Monetary Importance

By Michael Papadopoff | March 21, 2016

Why half of Australians don’t want to talk about money In a recent article from Mortgage Professionals Australia (24 February 2016), research showed that around half of the Australian’s surveyed would rather avoid the topic of money. The survey found 42% of those surveyed find personal finances the most difficult…

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Merry Christmas – 2015

By Michael Papadopoff | December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas! On behalf of the Team at ‘All About You’ Financial Solutions, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. During the Christmas/New Year season our office will be closed over the following days. Closing – 23 December 2015 at 5pm Reopening – 6 January 2016 However,…

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Bank Changes to New and Existing Loans

By Michael Papadopoff | August 15, 2015

Bank Changes to New and Existing Loans As your mortgage broker, we keep up to date with market and industry related changes, with a view to ensuring our clients are given the best available information when changes occur. This communication is to update you on an industry-related change and our…

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