The Federal Election is Over … So What Has Changed?

Well, after all the promises, upsets and endless media coverage, the Liberal government has been returned for another term. What we noticed while the election was happening was that many personal and business decisions were stalled. Given the uncertainty, nobody was really sure what changes were going to be implemented as a result of the election.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, there is a potential impact on you, depending on your individual circumstances, goals and plans. So now might be the time to take some action.

For those of you who earn a salary, you may be seeing opportunities in the property market. In Perth, the property market appears soft and interest rates are at historic lows. This may be an opportunity to upgrade your home, build or consider an investment property.

Or perhaps you may be considering stepping forward in a different direction and thinking of purchasing or starting a business.

If you are already a business owner, with the election no longer stalling progress forward, it could be a good time to explore some growth opportunities.

If you are coming up to retirement age, you may want to consider extra payments to your mortgage or superannuation.

Regardless of your situation, for anything related to your finances we are a great source of knowledge and information.

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