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Property Selling Cost Calculator

Property Selling Cost Calculator Need help understanding any loan costs in selling your property and discharging your loan? No matter which lender your current loan is with, we can help you understand any penalties, fees or charges. We also listen to your future goals and help you find the right Home loan for your next…

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Property Buying Cost Calculator

Property Buying Cost Calculator This calculator gives a great overview of the type of costs you can expect when buying a home.  However, if you are not sure how to complete this accurately, this can result in confusion when buying your property. Speak with our Home Loan experts today and we will help you with…

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Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Lump Sum Repayment Calculator Trying to repay your home loan quicker?  Speak with our Home Loan Experts today and we will use our knowledge and experience to advise on tips and tricks to achieve this goal. With over 200 years of Banking and Mortgage Broking the Team at All About You Finance has unparalleled knowledge…

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Loan Comparison Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator Comparing two loans side by side can certainly demonstrate if one product performs better financially. At All About You Finance we take help you take the next step where we compare hundreds of loans in the market and help you to find the right loan for you. Speak to one of our…

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Income Tax Calculator

Income Tax Calculator Interested in understanding your net pay after tax. All About You Finance will help you work out how to take this information and turn it into an affordable loan option.  Our friendly and professional approach will give you the confidence to step forward with a Home Loan. With over 200 years of…

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Fortnightly Repayment Calculator

Fortnightly Repayment Calculator This calculator will help you understand the incredible savings available by simply paying your loan repayments fortnightly (or even weekly).  However, there are many other ways you can reduce the amount of interest you pay over the life of your loan.  We are Home Loan experts and a call to us could…

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Mortgage Switching Calculator

Mortgage Switching How much could you save by switching your Home Loan from one lender to another?  While this calculator gives you some idea of the savings, it doesn’t consider all the pro’s and con’s of a switch. At All About You Finance we will: listen to your individual circumstances and financial goals; do a…

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Leasing Calculator

Leasing Calculator Whether you are looking for a novated lease or other type of lease, it’s important to get the right advice for your financial goals.  We’ve helped hundreds of people effectively structure leases and can help you today.  Speak with us for prompt, professional help with your leasing transaction. With over 200 years of…

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Introductory Rate Loan Calculator

Introductory Rate Loan Calculator Taking a loan with an initial discount can be a positive start but can you actually afford a loan over the longer term?  Using our years of expert knowledge and experience, our Home Loan Experts will work with you to make sure you get the right loan to suit your current…

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Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator

Interest-Only Mortgage Calculator Curious about repayments on an Interest Only Loan?  We’ve helped thousands of people understand the pro’s and con’s of an interest only loan.  Speak with a Home Loan Expert today to see we can help you. With over 200 years of Banking and Mortgage Broking the Team at All About You Finance…

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